iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture

Advanced Level (CPSA-A)

CPSA-Advanced Level — the next iSAQB® certification level after CPSA-Foundation Level — drives the higher qualification of software architecture professionals forward. The iSAQB® specifies a modular training program whose graduates are expected to demonstrate wide-ranging skills and knowledge. Certification in CPSA-A involves a relatively high time commitment and places stringent demands on the expertise and experience of the graduates.

What are the requirements for obtaining the iSAQB® CPSA-A certificate?

In order to be able to take the certification exam for iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture - Advanced Level, the following proof must be provided:

  • Proof of successfully passing the iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture — Foundation Level certification exam.
  • At least three years of professional experience in the IT industry, working on the design and development of at least two different IT systems.
  • Proof of at least 70 credit points through participation in licensed training courses in the three required areas of competence: Methodological Competence, Technical Competence, and Communicative Competence, with at least 10 credit points in each area.

For successful participation in advanced level training, participants are awarded a pre-defined number of credit points.   
The program curriculum consists of individual modules, each dedicated to a specific focus on professional competence in software architecture.

What are the benefits of CPSA-A certification?

With the iSAQB® CPSA Advanced Level Certificate 

  • you are in possession of internationally recognized certification
  • the certification is a seal of quality for both your employer and clients and supports you in your personal development
  • you are able to design medium to large-scale IT systems independently and methodically
  • you are able to assume technical and content responsibility for IT systems of medium to high criticality
  • you have the ability to conceive, design and document measures to achieve non-functional requirements 
  • you are able to accompany development teams in the implementation of these measures
  •  you are able steer and carry out architecture-relevant communication in medium to large development teams

Who is the certification aimed at?

All those interested in the topic of software architectures with sound knowledge such as:

  • Software architects
  • Software developers
  • Other IT professionals

Examination format

Part 1:     Drawing up architectural documentation  
Length: approx. 40 pages

Part 2:     Oral discussion  
Passing Part 1 is a prerequisite for Part 2

Examination fee:  
€ 2550.00 excl. VAT (€ 3060.00 incl. VAT)

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